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If you want to share any file which weights a lot (a concert, movie, lots of photos,...), this application will be very useful for you.

Pando is a very easy to use application with which you will be able to share files and folder by a curious way. Pando Networks? mission is solving the problem of big-file transfers that has plagued companies and annoyed consumers for years.

If you want to use the program you will have to sign up (it's free, don't worry) and once you have registered the process is easy. You upload the files to pando, and then pando tells you where it is and gives you the password, then, you send the link and the password to the contacts you want and they only have to click on the link and they will download the file directly from the server.

Of course, your contact has to have Pando installed (as if you were using other P2P programs).

With no doubt, this program is going to be talked about because of its originality and speed.

It supports Windows 7.

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